We the People: Email me when it’s over!

Donald Trump is crowing over a “surprise” announcement from FBI Director Comey that a computer seized in connection to the Anthony Weiner “sexting” investigation has prompted him to take “appropriate investigative steps” on emails between Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin, her top aide, who is also Weiner’s wife.

There is no information that any email has classified information or if it is at all relevant to the Clinton private email server probe which concluded with no charges filed. A source reports that there were more than 1,000 emails, including emails between Clinton and Abedin, on the computer which was used by Weiner and Abedin.

The timing is ideal for Trump because it gives his sinking campaign something different to talk about besides the Donald’s lack of ability or temperament to serve as president. This is perfect for Trump because he can use it to redirect attention away from himself on the eve of the election. It is perfect for Trump because the announcement lacks detail or substance which is what he best uses to entertain his public.

Trump reversed his opinion that the FBI and the email investigation were “rigged” in response to the announcement. He is like a child who will like you one moment as long as you do what he wants but hate you the next if you fail to follow his wishes. He shared the announcement at a New Hampshire rally which fired up his crowd to chant “Lock her up! Lock her up!”

Clinton, once she learned of the announcement, called on the FBI to release any information uncovered. Joe Biden in an interview with CNN agreed and called on the FBI to release whatever they have found related to Clinton since it would have nothing to do with the Weiner “sexting” investigation. An announcement with no evidence is akin to “uninformation” which Trump will gleefully shape and embellish and use to influence voters until real information is released.

Biden astutely explained the appeal of Trump. He told CNN, “People are upset and angry. They hate the dysfunction of Washington [and] Trump comes along and talks about how he’s going to change all that, he’s this breath of fresh air.” However, the air turned stale once, “people started to see who he is” and, Biden continued, “Donald Trump’s offering nothing, nothing, zero for those folks.” He is referring to the workers, families and the middle class who all need help at this time.

We must look beyond personality and examine the substance of the two candidates before Election Day. Hillary Clinton has been investigated dozens of times and no tribunal or fact finder ever found her guilty of anything. Donald Trump employed undocumented illegal aliens to build his Trump Tower, his management company was charged twice with discriminating against African-Americans when renting apartments in Brooklyn, his “university” scammed students out of their tuition and is under investigation by the New York attorney general, he bankrupted multiple corporations, he candidly described his thoughts and opinions about women in disgraceful terms on camera and still refuses to release his personal tax returns.

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell, once considered a possible Republican candidate for president before George W. Bush was tapped, described Trump as an “international pariah” and a “national disgrace” in emails obtained by BuzzFeed News. Powell correctly summed up the billionaire’s publicity seeking personality when he wrote, “To … call him an idiot just emboldens him.” When Trump revealed Senator Lindsey Graham’s cell phone number to the public Powell wrote, “Trump has no sense of shame.”

These are the candid observations of a respected general and statesman who just happens to be a Republican. If Clinton is stiff and unlikeable, then Trump is a greedy, hateful, self-serving idiot with no sense of shame. Powell, like many Republicans has endorsed Clinton because she is the candidate who will do good things for the nation and its people.

Perhaps these are the emails that deserve the attention of the people. It’s up to the people to look beyond the words and “uninformation” to see who is the right choice for our future.

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