Innovative architect brings versatility to Brooklyn

Sicilian-born architect and designer Giorgio Zuffanti has taken the Brooklyn design world by storm.

With a passion for design and a hefty resume, loads of international experience included, Zuffanti has quickly turned his vision into concrete plans aimed at diversifying the New York streetscape with unique, upcoming projects.

“Currently I’m working on two big projects,” Zuffanti told the Brooklyn Reporter. “One is a student housing project and the other one is a multi-family residential building, all of which will be modular construction.”

Zuffanti will be working on these new constructions as a senior project designer for Doban Architecture in Brooklyn. According to an article published on Architects-Toybox, the buildings will be in New Rochelle, New York. A six-story, 94-unit residential building designed for occupancy by students at Monroe College will be built at 30 Locust Avenue and a six-story 60-unit multifamily residential building is slated for 387 Huguenot.

According to Zuffanti, his international experience – working in his home country of Italy and spending a few years in China – has allowed him to hone his craft and turn out unique and highly praised work that runs the gamut of mixed-use, commercial, residential and hospitality projects.

Zuffanti is also a product designer for Think Fabricate, a custom furniture company that creates furniture, custom products and other custom installations. His creations even garnered him praise at the last Brooklyn Design Fair. His ability to create and design diverse pieces dates back to his childhood in Italy.

“I developed my patience as a designer and I always like to think about every detail,” Zuffanti said. “My father is a painter and I grew up between colors, paper and pencils, so thanks to my background, especially from Italy, I learned to take inspiration from everywhere. I like to travel a lot.”

Zuffanti, in recent years, has developed numerous furniture design projects in conjunction with international firms around the world. The connective thread of all his pieces of furniture, he says, reflects “the rational minimalism of shapes and essential geometry.”

Inevitably, Zuffanti says he has fallen in love with Brooklyn, and now looks to it, like he does with everywhere he has traveled, for inspiration.

“My love for Brooklyn, for the Brooklyn style, I look to it for this kind of energy and these vibes,” said Zuffanti.  “What I found here is a very important experience and will probably expand my capacity and my knowledge to work on different projects.”

Additionally, Zuffanti’s talent and passion for Brooklyn has earned him the title of representative chair for Urban Planning and Design for the Young Professional for the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce.

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