Muffin’s Pet Connection: Help save Snapple the rescue cat

“Snapple is a beautiful stray kitten I found limping, bleeding and gasping for air near my house over the weekend. I could not just leave him to die, so I rushed him to the emergency vet.  He had to go on oxygen for a collapsed lung and needs expensive surgery for broken bones on his hip. Snapple is lucky to be alive but he has a long road to recovery ahead.

“We are hoping to take him home this week, at which point he will need crate rest, physical therapy, and hopefully a new forever home once he is better. Will you please chip in to help me cover the cost of his medical care?”

Let us start the new year as Snapple’s guardian angels and help to give this sweet kitty new mews-on-life!

UPDATE: “Thank you so much to those of you who chipped in so far. ANYTHING helps. Snapple is home and on the mend and has been eating and purring for us. GOAL: For Snapple to be adopted by a loving family once he is better.”

Help spread the word…and please visit Thank you and God Bless!

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