Bath Beach’s St. Finbar Parish marks its 137th anniversary

Parishioners gathered at the Bay Ridge Manor on Saturday, March 25 to celebrate St. Finbar Parish’s 137th anniversary, and so many people showed up that some actually had to be turned away.

The event, said Father Michael Gelfant, brought the parish’s diverse community together and honored members of the parish who positively impacted the community. The most rewarding part of the event for him, “as a priest,” he said, “was to stand back and watch everyone come together.”

Among the honorees were Deputy CEO of Catholic Charities for Brooklyn and Queens Reverend Patrick Keating, Dominick Lagonigro, and Nicholas Miraglia. Miraglia has served the parish in his own way by helping the church hold funerals for people too poor to afford a service.

Also recognized was Barbara Favale, who was commended for contributing her time and effort to the church over a long period of time.

Among the organizers was Eileen La Ruffa, who said part of the job was “making sure people knew of the event.” Enjoying a location closer to the neighborhood “because it’s more convenient for people to come out,” La Ruffa said the event turned out to be very successful.

The Bay Ridge Manor is located at 476 76th Street. St. Finbar Roman Catholic Church is located at 138 Bay 20th Street.



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