Local heroes enjoy a musical tribute in Bensonhurst

Duty called as firefighters rushed out of a performance in the community room of the King David Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation to take an emergency call, missing part of a concert put on to honor them and local law enforcement officers on March 12.

Along with the parents of young performers, FDNY Company 166, the 60th Precinct, and the 62nd Precinct seemed to take up “all the seats in the room,” according to Democratic District Leader Nancy Tong, who helped organize the event with Assemblymember William Colton and Leonora Bulychova, president of Club a-Elita.

In addition, Tong, with the assistance of Colton and Bulychova, continued her blue ribbon campaign, hosting the mother of deceased Detective Wenjian Liu at the event.

Bulychova, who started A-Elita as a family club for cultural events in memory of her mother, organized the concert this year with the theme of “Our Kids for Our Heroes.”

Among the performers was the violin ensemble from P.S. 105, taught by Boris Shapiro and students from the Shostakovich School of Music Art & Dance, the Plaksunova Vocal Art Studio and the Alex Music Winds Studio.

Svetlana Plaksunova of the Vocal Art Studio sent students who have studied in her organization for over 13 years, and said the students “liked it” and “performed songs befitting the concert from a prepared repertoire.”

Among the instrumental pieces, Shapiro’s three violin groups consisted of children between the ages of eight and 10. The 19 violinists played pieces that ranged from O’Connor’s “Red Wings” and “Soldier’s Joy” to traditional songs like “Irish Washerwoman.”

“I’m very happy with the way they played,” said Shapiro. “They arrived an hour early to practice, some by multiple types of transportation and despite the cold weather outside. With the time they spend playing, they better their concentration, focus, discipline and critical thinking.”

As for the dancing, Diana Trost of the Shostakovich School managed to bring in two groups for modern dance and a few pieces in ballet, eastern and traditional styles. Among the star performers were Briana Krakovsky, Rebeca Golin and Polina Ivancho.

Contributing to a diverse musical repertoire, the dancers danced to “Melodies of the Jewish Villages,” “Don Quixote” and even a gypsy and Chinese dance. According to Trost, “They’re used to performing. They enjoy it.”

At the end of the concert, Colton awarded trophies and flowers to the young artists, stressing that, “The faces on the police officers and the firefighters made it rewarding.”

The King David Center is located at 2266 Cropsey Avenue.

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