Asian-Pacific Heritage hits McKinley Park

The whistle of flutes and warbling harmonies of an elderly choir were heard loud and clear in McKinley Park on Sunday, May 28, as the 15th annual Asian-Pacific Heritage Festival was held.

Presented by State Senator Marty Golden, the Asian-Pacific festival featured the distribution of a special golden charm and reflected the culture of those hailing from Myanmar, Korea, China and Oceania. The charm was meant to spread peace and joy to those attending, and everyone in the community was invited.

“The number of Asian Americans living and working here in Brooklyn continues to grow. Each year, we celebrate the month of May as Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month and we do so, in order to recognize the achievements and the successes of the Asian community,” said Golden.

Among the performances at the festival were Burmese and lion dances, as well as Kung Fu demonstrations. Additionally, the festival included demonstrations of Korean martial arts and featured members of the community in traditional costumes. Ethnic food, arts and crafts, and the chance to win raffle prizes were also part of the celebration of the culture. Also, a voter registration drive was set up to “encourage participation in the election process and empower the community.”

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