Leaning fence at Bath Beach Park has been repaired

The Bath Beach Park fence leans no more.

Around two weeks after this paper reported that residents were voicing concern over a dangerous leaning gate near the park’s handball court that could potentially fall on kids playing, it has been fixed.

A spokesperson for the New York City Parks Department confirmed the news. “Parks is pleased to report that we were able to repair the fence on May 2,” said Parks Spokesperson Maeri Ferguson in a statement to this paper. “Existing fence poles and mesh were replaced, and new anchors were installed along with a new concrete foundation.”

This was a stark difference from Parks’ original statement to this paper on Monday, April 24 — “We can confirm that the fence is stable and in no danger of falling, despite its leaning,” said Parks in a statement at that time. “We expect to repair it within the next year.”

That wasn’t soon enough for those who use the park. “I play here often and I’ve seen it this way for a couple of years now,” said Ilya S. back in April. “It’s leaning over. They had caution tape but I don’t know who took it down. I don’t know if it’s always been as shaky, but sometimes kids see it leaning, and I’ve seen then hang on to it and actually bring it down.”


Phyllis S., a 40-year neighborhood resident who originally informed this paper about the leaning fence, is thrilled that the Parks Department has made the repairs. “I’m so happy,” she said. “I walked by and was relieved and when I see children playing near there and seeing it look safe again, it’s a wonderful feeling.

“It was a quick fix and it’s such a tremendous difference as it looks solid and safe,” she added. “It made me feel good and I thanked all the workers for helping.”

Elected officials were also thankful that Parks quickly remedied the situation. Nancy Tong, who is Assemblymember William Colton’s community relations director, said she had alerted Parks about the condition about two weeks before the repairs were made.

“I would like to extend a thanks to the Parks Department for taking care of this matter so promptly,” said Tong. “We will continue to work closely with them to ensure the safety of the community. I am glad that a constituent reached out to our office to alert us of the situation so we could make sure it was addressed.”

“I would like to thank the Parks Department for their rapid response to this hazardous situation, which affected the whole community, including children and seniors using the park, as well as nearby residents,” added Colton.

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