Williamsburg urgent care center hosts informative seminar

Hooray for health.

At a time where the need for affordable healthcare is in the spotlight, Northwell Health and GoHealth Urgent Care hosted an informational presentation on Thursday, May 11 at its freshly opened Williamsburg urgent care center, located at 145 Kent Avenue.

During the event, leaders in healthcare discussed the difference between urgent care facilities and your typical emergency room.

Attendees were treated to a thorough presentation that dissected common emergency situations involving children as well as key pointers as to when to bring a child to urgent care, and when to opt for a hospital’s emergency room instead.

The informative presentation was led by Dr. Neal Shipley, who went through specific scenarios from “It’s 5 p.m. on a Thursday,” to “My two-year-old won’t move [their] arm” and “[my kid is a] soccer player.”

“An important part of Northwell-GoHealth’s mission is to be a good community partner,” said Shipley. “Tonight’s event was a great example of how we make that happen.”

The Williamsburg GoHealth Urgent Care is located at 145 Kent Avenue.

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