Columbian Lawyers honor outgoing president

The Columbian Lawyers Association (CLA) paid tribute to Brooklyn attorney Dean Delianites, who just wrapped up a year as president of the group, during the gala Installation Dinner Dance held at El Caribe Country Club in Mill Basin on Friday, June 9.

In addition, Delianites passed the gavel to the organization’s new president, Linda Locasci, a tradition that dates back to CLA’s 1966 inception.

As someone who said he continued the work of the group’s former presidents, Delianites prided himself on the educational program that continued during his term. In the month that followed the election of Donald Trump, for instance, CLA held a program regarding immigration.

According to Delianites, the reason for holding these lectures outside of attorneys’ mandatory continuing education requirement is that “the law is always changing, and knowing it allows you to provide clients with top representation.”

When he started his career in law, Delianites — who has continued as a member of the board since the celebration — said he remembers that he “enjoyed the fact that as an attorney, you get to help someone. It is very satisfying, if someone is injured, to know that they have one less thing to worry about.”

CLA was founded by former Presiding Justice of the Appellate Term of the Supreme Court Frank Pino. Thriving off of a cultural  Italian-American approach, the organization was over 300 strong as of 2012.

“I think our future is bright, especially as a specialty bar association,” noted Delianites. “There’s the one thing that separates us, that we’re a big family.”

El Caribe is located at 5945 Strickland Avenue.


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