D.A.N.N.Y. Inc. to host first event for anti-bullying

Putting a stop to bullying is the goal.

Maureen Fitzpatrick, mother of 13-year- Danny who committed suicide due to excessive bullying last year, has founded D.A.N.N.Y Inc., a non-profit organization to raise awareness to bullying and will be hosting its first public event.

On Saturday, October 7, the First Annual Anti-Bullying and Empowerment Awareness Event will be held at the Flagship Brewery, 215 Bay Street in Staten Island, from 1-5 p.m. and will feature live music, food, an open bar and more.

“It’s emotional for me because I created this for Danny to honor his life and the idea behind this foundation is to hopefully help educate people about bullying and suicide prevention, what bullying can do, and show people that bullying does affect a person to the point that they will be suicidal like it did to my son, and that it does happen more often than we think in this country,” said Fitzpatrick, stressing that she wants the event take a positive approach. “It’s more about raising awareness and promoting kindness. We all have to treat each other well, be respectful, take accountability, understand and be more empathetic to one another.”

That idea, Fitzpatrick said, and the founding of D.A.N.N.Y Inc. is based on the “true essence of who Danny was” – a kind soul and an even brighter light. Musical acts such as Talkin Trash and Karlus Trapp will be performing. Food from several local vendors will be provided.

“We’re also going to have a raffle with a lot of items for people to choose from,” she added. “One of them will be an acoustic guitar with one month lesson. There will also be a visit to the set of ‘Impractical Jokers.’”

The event will also spotlight a bill, currently in legislation at the state level, which hopes to strengthen New York’s laws against bullying. Fitzpatrick also has legislation, on the federal level, making its way through Washington, D.C.

Tickets to the event are $20.

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