Dancers Against Cancer stood united to raise awareness and funds for the disease

Local dance studios have come together to put a stop to cancer.

On Friday, October 20, three dance studios got together for Dancers Against Cancer’s “Dancers United.”

The goal of the event, held at Dyker Beach and Golf Course, 1030 86th Street, was to raise awareness and funds for cancer research in the form of performances.

Dance House Of Brooklyn Director Nicole Ventura, Triple Threat Performing Arts Company Directors Dana, Lynda, and Kim Senisi, and Reflections In Dance Director Doreen Angarano collaborated to perform dances with members of all three companies.

“The three studios, directors, choreographers and of course, the dancers, were amazing and worked so hard to create a sense of community to raise awareness and money for such an important cause. They should all be celebrated,” said Tatiana Terzuoli, one of the parents that participated in the event.

“It went really well,” added Dana Senisi. “We had more people than expected, around 250 people and maybe more.

“We are hoping to make this an annual thing and make it bigger and invite more dance studios,” Senisi went on. “It’s a great way for the dance community to get together not just for competition. Instead, it’s about kids getting together, sharing a fun night together to raise money for people who are sick. Normally, dancers are competing. This is a good way to bring awareness as one big dance company.”

Dancers Against Cancer was founded in 2012 to spreads awareness and raise money for cancer-fighting charities. Ventura, who is fighting cancer, organized the first event.

“I think a lot of people who came were impressed by it,” said Senisi. “The kids understood what they were dancing for. I hope we can do this every year.”

According to attendees, the highlight of the event was when the three studios together performed a hip hop routine choreographed by Christina Pioli.

“All of these students had a lot of rehearsal before the event,” said Terzuoli. “It required kids to be on top of their academic schedules and routine dances, and they had to have additional rehearsal time to practice for the one routine they did together. It showed the true meaning of dancers coming together to fight for an amazing cause.”

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