A Breakthrough in the Science of Aging with Elysium Health

Basis, a new supplement from Elysium Health, is a product of 25 years of studying the genes that control aging — and a breakthrough that any beer or wine lover can appreciate.

Turns out that Basis contains two ingredients (Nicotinamide Riboside and Pterostilbene, if you must) that raise our levels of NAD+, an important co-enzyme in our cells that declines as we age, and which is also required for fermentation to occur.

Frankly, happy hour never seemed more appealing, as there are hundreds of processes in the body that need NAD+ to function.

elysium supplement

Here are some of the most critical ones:   

1. Energy production – NAD+ is a key player in making ATP, the source of energy in the cell.
2. Circadian rhythm regulation – Our sleep and wake cycle, and everything it entails, depends on NAD+.
3. DNA health – We have several built-in systems for fixing errors in our DNA, and these systems need NAD+.
4. Gene expression – Our genes get turned on and off (a process called “expression”) constantly in response to conditions like nutrition and stress. This requires NAD+.

elysium supplement

Elysium co-founder Dr. Lenny Guarente, director of the Glenn Laboratory for the Science of Aging at MIT,  discovered that NAD+ levels decline with age, which means that changes in NAD+ levels can impact vital functions in the body —and supplementation is a possible way to improve health

“I’m not just replacing a chemical I’m not getting in my diet,” says customer, Joe Ellis, a 59-year-old entrepreneur from Marion, Virginia. “I’m sending a signal to produce more of this naturally occurring molecule in a chain or linkage that affects other parts of my cell structure — and I think that’s a different approach.”

So, bottoms up!

Pricing starts at $1.32 per day, and you can save up to 33 percent with an annual subscription here

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