Local pol continues to criticize mute swan legislation

One local politician is still fighting for justice for mute swans.

According to Assemblymember Steven Cymbrowitz – who has long fought for the species – the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) has failed to offer a scientific basis for killing mute swans in any part of the state, leading the pol to call upon the agency once again to revise its swan management plan.

“Critically, the plan violates the legislation I introduced with Senator Tony Avella, which passed both houses of the legislature overwhelmingly in 2014 and 2015 and was signed by Governor Cuomo in 2016, which included requirements that DEC fully document the scientific basis for future mute swan population projections and produce current evidence supporting its claim that mute swans are harmful to either humans or the environment,” he wrote in a letter to the agency. “The plan does neither.”

The plan, despite suggesting prioritizing non-lethal management like coating the eggs in oil in areas like Sheepshead Bay and other downstate regions, at the same time recommends that lethal methods be allowed in upstate areas.

“While the DEC’s plan suggests an increased reliance on non-lethal management, it is unacceptable that the plan continues to call for the killing of mute swans in New York State,” Cymbrowitz said.

Anyone wishing to comment on DEC’s draft plan has until December 13. Responses may be sent to Bureau of Wildlife – Mute Swan Plan, 625 Broadway, Albany, NY 12233-4754 or e-mailed to Wildlife@dec.ny.gov with the subject line “Mute Swan Plan.”


  1. Karen Stamper

    The picture shown in your article is of Trumpeter Swans, not Mute Swans. So, thank you for showing people that the Trumpeters can look like a pretty aggressive bird as well. This picture does not really show the whole truth either. This looks like it could be a parent chasing off his offspring, because, for those of us who really watch swan’s behaviors, we know that they do this when it’s time for them to leave the family and venture on their own. Perhaps if people would ask the DEC where their New York studies are. Are they using Maryland studies? Maryland has no natural lakes and the Chesapeake Bay is no better now then it was after they slaughtered all their swans. These agencies do not care if a bird is native or non native. They just want to hunt the TROPHY BIRD, which is the Trumpeter. Please New Yorkers do the right thing and keep fighting for these swans…all swans

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