Sunset Park Lions Club distributes 200 turkeys to families in need

Sunset Park gave back in a big way during one of the year’s most important holidays.

On Tuesday, November 21, the Sunset Park Lion’s Club made Thanksgiving day a bit brighter for struggling families by distributing hundreds of turkeys throughout the area.

“The Sunset Park’s Lions Club has been in existence for 40 years and every year we do a turkey drive,” said President of the club George Cardona. “During the turkey drive, I collect funds from the club and sometimes I get local businesses to donate. This year, we got enough funds to get 200 turkeys and we distributed them in the area. Sometimes, we’ll give them to the local churches like Our Lady of Perpetual Help and St. Agatha, as well as organizations like the United Senior Center in Sunset Park. The rest goes to individual families. We give them to people in need in the area.”

According to Cardona, there has recently been a greater need for turkeys than ever before. “What we are finding out now is it’s not just poor people looking for turkeys but working people as well,” he explained. “People that are actually working and living paycheck to paycheck can use these turkeys. It’s an eye-opening experience. It’s not just for people on welfare.”

The day means a lot to the club, which gives back throughout the year, including collecting goods this year for hurricane victims in Puerto Rico and Texas. “We are always trying to give back to the community,” he said. “People are so appreciative. You see people at churches and on streets thanking us for what we do. Again, it’s just giving back and thanking the community and it’s a great feeling. Here at the Lions, the model is that we serve.”

The group also plans to participate in a Three Kings event at Industry City.

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