Comptroller releases ‘comprehensive’ immigration manual in 10 languages

New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer on Thursday, March 1 released what his office referred to as an “updated, comprehensive” 75-page manual on immigrant rights.

The manual, he said, comes at a critical time in today’s political climate.

“New York City couldn’t run without the immense contributions and ingenuity of our immigrant communities. They helped build our city – and they will help propel our city into the future. But with Washington putting our immigrant neighbors in the crosshairs – attempting to split apart families and upend lives – we need to stand shoulder to shoulder with foreign-born New Yorkers who make our city the global capital of culture and innovation. We need to make sure all immigrant New Yorkers know that we have their back,” said Stringer. “That’s why we’re releasing this manual and offering it in more languages than we ever have. In these times, foreign-born New Yorkers must have the tools they need to fight back, so they can make it in our city and help the five boroughs thrive like never before. We all need to be in this together.”

The manual is available in 10 languages — including Arabic and Urdu for the first time — and is designed to assist immigrant New Yorkers to understand their rights by outlining resources, providing detailed guidance and offering up information on such topics as public benefits, consumer rights, healthcare, immigration services, deportation and more.

The manual is available in Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Bengali, Arabic, Urdu, Haitian Creole, Russian, French and English.

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