A Look Back: the Church of the Generals

In a solemn scene inside St. John’s Episcopal Church, aka the Church of the Generals, a service is in progress in this photo from the files of this newspaper.

The picture clearly dates to the 1960s when the Vietnam War was being fought. Note the “Stop the War” placard clearly visible at the center of the photo, in front of a table containing a military hat and medals.

The church, closed since 2014, and on the market, has much history associated with it, the Vietnam War protests among them but also the fact that many notable military figures such as General Matthew Ridgway but also Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson (both controversial) are connected with it, hence its nickname. Just last summer, two plaques referencing Lee were taken down outside the church after protests erupted over their presence. They will be preserved in the Episcopal Diocese of Long Island’s archives.

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