Students rally in Prospect Park for gun reform


Brooklyn students rallied for gun reform in Prospect Park on Wednesday, March 14 during an event organized by Borough President Eric Adams in partnership with other community leaders.

The March For Our Lives National School Walkout Rally at the Prospect Park Bandshell coincided with the National School Walkout, which took place in the wake of the deadly shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida last month.

The nationwide #Enough National School Walkout was organized by the youth branch of the Women’s March to demand congressional action on school shootings. The national organization expected more than 3,136 walkouts from schools across the country.

The rally featured activation stations around the bandshell where students had the opportunity to draft a students’ bill of rights, learn how to get active in their neighborhood, join their local community boards, as well as call or write their legislators asking them to take action on gun reform. There was an emphasis on contacting legislators that have taken contributions from the NRA like Republican John Katko and Democrat Brian Higgins.

A diverse group of students ages seven to 17 voiced their concerns about gun violence on the rally stage during the afternoon. They were from various schools citywide and many of them wore signs with gun violence statistics around their necks. They shared messages for President Donald Trump, calls to action, and their commitment to fighting for gun reform.

Adams spoke to students and encouraged them to speak out and work for change. “Don’t believe the lie that the winds of change were blown by adults,” he said. “Young people have always blown in the direction where the country and the globe is going to travel.”

Dalia Turner, 17, a student at Digital Tech High School, thinks the rally is a step in the right direction. “It allowed us to state our demands to the government and we’re coming together as a team to combat this issue.”

You can learn more about the Students’ Bill of Rights created at the event by visiting

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