Bensonhurst assemblymember seeking permanent home for two cats

Finding felines a home.

Assemblymember William Colton and staff are looking to find a home for two nine-month-old cats that have been staying both inside and outside his office, 155 Kings Highway.

In June of last year, a mother cat and her four kittens made themselves at home in the office’s backyard. Over time, Colton and staff fell for the felines, feeding them and offering them shelter during inclement weather.

However, said Colton, “After about two months, the mother disappeared. I have a feeling something happened to her.” Nonetheless, the smitten elected official and staffers kept feeding the kittens, bringing them inside the office in inclement weather to protect them.

Eventually, Colton, who admits to having a soft spot for cats, began working with staff to try to find cat lovers to adopt the growing kitties. They put the word out, and two of the four were adopted, one by a family with lots of children, the other by a constituent. Now, they are trying to find homes for the remaining kittens.

The catlets were checked out by neighborhood veterinarian, Dr. Linda Jacobson, 291 Kings Highway, for feline leukemia and other illnesses before Colton and his staff put them up for adoption, and they were determined to be healthy.

However, Colton and company were in for a surprise.

“We found out one of the cats was pregnant,” Colton said. “She’s expected to give birth in about a couple of weeks. Dr. Jacobson’s office volunteered one of its vets to take the cat into their home to give it a safe place to give birth if we have no other place to take it. But one of my staff members has volunteered and she’s going to bring the cat to her house so she can give birth safely.”

Eventually, Colton and staff are hoping not only to have the two cats adopted, but the kittens.

In the meantime, the two catlets have found a temporary home inside Colton’s office.

“They’re very friendly,” he said. “They don’t do anything that creates a problem. They’ll hide behind someone’s chair. Some staff including myself clean up after them. Ill go in there on the weekend and make sure they have food and water. When I’m in Albany, staff members do that.”

Those interested in adopting the cats should call Colton’s office at 718-236-1598 or email


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