Greg Romenski wins BRIC award for his show “Medcast Plus”

Honoring a Brooklyn producer who helps locals with their health problems and questions, one episode at a time.

Greg Romenski, executive producer of “Medcast Plus,” a television program aimed at informing Brooklynites about various health issues with doctors and medical professionals as featured guests, received a B Free Award, presented by BRIC, in the B Healthy: Outstanding Program Feature/Segment  category for the monthly show, as the organization honored excellence in community media at a recent awards ceremony.

“Greg has been around here for a long time,” said Anthony Riddle, vice president of community media for BRIC. “He’s always a pleasure to work with. He dedicates so much time to not only his own shows but also the rest of the community. He volunteers a lot of his time. He’s done particularly good work with the Russian speaking community. He’s been a main spokesperson and it’s just been great.”

Riddle added that Romenski recently went through BRIC’s documentary intensive class.

Through the class, Riddle said, Romenski, “Produced work that brought tears to everybody’s eyes about a Pakistani pharmacist who has been donating medicine to people who need it and his own personal story to get there. It was absolutely beautiful work that talks about the importance of caring for others in a way that was truly touching. He’s really improved  technically. He takes an extra effort to learn everything he can about the work.”

Romenski started his journey toward producing a medical show, running a successful Hepatitis awareness program in the Coney Island area geared toward the Russian community, while welcoming everyone. During that time, he became a television producer, producing “Victoria’s Stars,” a show featuring this newspaper’s Co-Publisher Victoria Schneps that was nominated three times for various awards.

“Each month for the past two years, I’ve had the pleasure of working with Gregori Romenski who produced my TV show ‘Victoria’s Stars,’” Schneps wrote back in 2015 when the show was nominated. “I’ve been delighted to interview political, business, cultural and community leaders.”

Improvements in pharmaceuticals treating hepatitis led Romenski to create “Medcast Plus,” a show that has touched on a variety of medical topics, such as diabetes, heart issues, home health aides for seniors, eye care, prostate cancer, fatty liver disease and more.

“If one person can learn something good from my programs, I have reached my goal,” said Romenski of his philosophy. “I’m planning to continue to bring information to the community on health issues, so that together we can become more aware and educated and healthy.”

Riddle said that “Medcast Plus” is an informative show that is worthy of its first award.

“It’s a really good show,”he said. “What I think is really cool about it is that it follows in the footsteps of community newspapers that have been so important in Brooklyn. He’s done a really great translation of that into television. He’s really improved aesthetically and technically but his main thing isn’t just being a filmmaker, it’s really to help people in the community get the information they need.”

Riddle also discussed the award show.

“This is the fifth annual B Free Awards which we give to people who have done programs on our channels,” Riddle said. “All of our awards have to do with principles of community that we think are important.”

For the B Healthy award, Riddle continued, “The idea is give it to someone who is really doing something to help improve the health of the community. It’s not just the technical quality of the program but the impact we think it has on the community. He’s a great, great and caring person and it translates into the work that he does.”



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