Bulk pick-up to return on non-recycling days, no appointment needed, to Ridge, Dyker

In an effort to keep city streets looking more like sidewalks and less like furniture showrooms, large bulk collection will return solely to Bay Ridge and Dyker Heights on non-recycling days – no appointment needed, announced Councilmember Justin Brannan on Sunday, June 10.

According to the pol, starting this summer, a full-size rear loader Department of Sanitation (DSNY) garbage truck will be assigned to the ‘hoods on non-recycling days to pick up any and all bulk items, like bed frames and old couches, whether or not the resident has made an appointment.

This change, Brannan said, is welcome, and will make for much cleaner streets throughout the two nabes. Perhaps most importantly, it means no more furniture sitting on the curb for weeks on end waiting to be picked up.

The change comes less than a year after DSNY launched the bulk pick-up appointment program in the district.

“For too long, Bay Ridge and Dyker Heights have been a laboratory of sorts for the Department of Sanitation as they tried out different ways to collect organics with new routes and smaller trucks,”the pol said. “Unfortunately, the unintended side effect of these trials had our streets looking like a garage sale as large bulk items like bookcases and bed frames often sat curbside for days and sometimes weeks.”

Residents should continue making appointments for bulk pick-up through July 2, when the new expanded pick-up program is expected to begin.

In addition, Brannan said, DSNY will start collecting organics once a week on recycling days.

“I didn’t make many promises during my campaign but I did make a commitment to making Bay Ridge, Dyker Heights, Bath Beach and Bensonhurst the cleanest in the city,” he said, “and with this change, we’re taking a big step towards that goal.”


  1. Loulou

    Yes who can compete with the Chinese and their methods of trashing their household goods………we need garbage collection 24-7 something like Garbage emergency services, take a walk around the parks too there is much garbage collecting there too.

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