Pair of Goats Spotted Walking Along Eighth Avenue Subway Station

Who let the goats out?

Monday morning, the MTA revealed via Twitter that two goats were spotted walking along the N line on the outdoor Eighth Avenue train station in Sunset Park.

“A new one for us (we think): Two goats are roaming along the N line tracks in Brooklyn,” the NYCT Subway tweeted. “They’re safe and not currently affecting service, but they are on the run. We’ll keep you posted.”

Due to the animals roaming the area, southbound N trains are running on the D line from 36th Street to Coney Island Stillwell Ave. while the NYPD safely retrieves the goats from the tracks.

“They were observed by a train operator, called it in in to the Rail Control Center,” MTA spokesperson Shams Tarek told this paper. “We notified police and animal control. They are on the scene and they’re in charge of retrieval.”

He also explained how the location they are may keep the goats safe.

“We are doing station improvements in that area and one of the three tracks is actually unpowered and not being used,” he said. “That’s where the goats are. That’s why there was no risk of harm to the goats. We are installing elevators in the station. They started moving south from there.”

There’s still no word on how the animals got on the tracks.

“Two very baaaaad boys,” another Tweet read.


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