Despite confusing signage, Bay Ridge’s newest Cocoa Grinder is open

“Yes. It’s a Cocoa Grinder.”

Despite confusion deriving from its unique signage, the Cocoa Grinder’s new location at 9504 Fourth Ave. has officially opened, replacing the Coop, a café that featured art displays and a kid’s indoor/outdoor play area, in addition to drinks and food until its closure last fall.

In place of the standard Cocoa Grinder signage featured at other Bay Ridge locations, the newest branch of Cocoa Grinder sports a giant yellow awning reading “FREEEE CO-WORKING SPACE FARM FRESH FOOD GOOOOOOOOD FOOOOOOOOD,” leaving many locals scratching their heads.

The opening was confirmed by employees of the popular chain coffee shop.

“This used to be The Coop,” wrote someone of Facebook’s The One and Only Bay Ridge page. “Then, a few months ago, it was sold secretly while undergoing ‘renovations’ and was supposed to be a Cocoa Grinder – the signs were posted. Now it is THIS!? Not even sure what it is.”

Maybe like a co-op? It’s just not very clear who knows,” added another member.

However, the Cocoa Grinder team made it clear that the upper Fourth Avenue location is indeed the chain’s newest link, offering the same items as other locations. The team claims to be trying something new with the signage, writing to this paper, “(It’s) just for it to pop and to let the young generation know if you don’t have money and you want to get work/studies done we are here to support.”

According to an employee, the store opened about a week ago.

But, don’t expect the sign to stay the same.

“That outside sign will continuously change every 4-6 months with different messages,” the email from Cocoa Grinder noted. “If you look on the other side of the sign it says, ‘This is your second home. Please enjoy your stay @cocoagrinder.’”

Once inside the eatery, patrons will see the traditional Cocoa Grinder logo at the back.

“We wouldn’t say it’s still a soft opening; things are starting to take its place,” the team added.

The grand opening fiesta for Cocoa Grinder’s newest location will take place on Sun., Mar. 3.

Inside the store.

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