Driver collides with cop car during robbery investigation in Sunset Park

A vehicle collided with a police car early Wednesday morning while cops were arresting suspects involved in a Sunset Park robbery.

According to authorities, at around 1:45 a.m. on Wed., Feb. 27, cops were responding to a robbery that occurred near the 45th Street train station when, after arriving to 50th Street and Fourth Avenue to conduct a canvass for the perps, a driver operating a Dodge SUV collided with the squad car.

Cops say the car was trying to make a yellow light at the intersection when the accident occurred and that a witness was inside the cop car at the time of the crash.

The driver and passengers in both cars were taken to NYU Langone Hospital–Brooklyn, though no major injuries were reported.

Police were responding to reports that a 25-year-old man had been attacked and robbed aboard a southbound N train. Authorities say that the suspect was approached by three men, at which time one of them asked him if he was part of a gang. When the victim said no, the suspect allegedly punched and kicked him while the second man stole his boots and a third filmed the attack.

Cops have since apprehended two of the three suspects. Leonardo Ordonez, 17, has been charged with assault and unlawful possession of marijuana while Anthony Zitenko, 19, has been charged with two counts of physical injury.

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