New York State Republican Party Chair Nick Langworthy comes to Dyker Heights

On Tuesday, June 18, members of the Verrazzano Republican Club welcomed newly-elected New York State Republican Party Chair Nick Langworthy to their meeting at the Knights of Columbus at 86th Street and 13th Avenue in Dyker Heights.

According to club President Liam McCabe, the meeting just happened to coincide with President Donald Trump announcing his plans to run for a second term.

McCabe welcomed supporters to the packed hall to hear from Langworthy and City Councilmember Joseph Borelli, whose district includes Staten Island’s South Shore.

Borelli said that he and Langworthy were in the minority of the party who knew early on Trump would succeed. “In 2013, Nick and I went to Trump’s office and we decided that he should be running for governor of New York State,” explained Borelli.

“And everyone told us that we were crazy, that we were silly and that this guy would never do anything, that he would never go on to anything bigger than just being a reality show host,” he went on. “Well, guess who was right, Nick and I were right and I’m proud of that.”

McCabe welcomed Langworthy to what he called a “small club in South Brooklyn,” adding that the Republican Party is alive and well in Brooklyn.

“I’m very excited to be here with the Verrazzano Club and it’s fortunate because it started off that I was going to come here while the race for chairman was still going on, but this becomes a victory party of sorts,” Langworthy told this paper.

He also said that he was delighted to be in Brooklyn on the night of Trump’s re-election kick-off. “It’s a great way for us to celebrate an effort that’s going out across the country right now which is the Trump re-election announcement watch parties,” he said.

Following Langworthy’s address, attendees watched Trump’s re-election speech on a giant screen TV. The room erupted in constant applause with shouts of “USA!” as Trump announced his re-election slogan, “Keep America Great.”

Among those attending the event were Brooklyn Republican Party Chair Ted Ghorra, New York State Conservative Party Chair Jerry Kassar and Brooklyn Conservative Party Chair Fran Vella-Marrone.

“As the chairwoman of the Kings County Conservative Party, it was great to be in my home community of Dyker Heights and share the experience with other Brooklynites who are supporting the president. The room was full and the people were energized by the president’s speech,” Vella-Marrone told this paper.

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