United Healthcare and AMP Insurance Brokerage celebrate the fifth anniversary of ‘Ice Cream Day’

What could be better than a refreshing ice cream cone on a beautiful, sunny summer day? Thanks to Louis Peters, United Healthcare and AMP Insurance Brokerage, there was ice cream for all on Thursday, June 27.

Peters, who owns AMP Insurance Brokerage, and his staff donned white ice cream hats and directed guests to the ice cream truck parked in front of his office at 7709 Fifth Avenue.

“It’s five years today. Who would have thought we’d be celebrating our fifth anniversary of giving out ice cream to anyone who walks by? That’s 100 cones and it’s our pleasure to treat the community,” said Peters.

Peters is involved with the Bay Ridge chapter of AARP, serves as chair of the Bay Ridge Center advisory board, and speaks at various community meetings about United Healthcare Medicare solutions and the plans available to enrollees.

Craig Schwartz, an agent manager at United Healthcare, was spending the day with Peters and his staff.

“Louis and the folks at AMP are one of the best agencies we have. He does great things for the community,” said Schwartz.

Also offering praise were staff members Dennis Kyvik and Herman Hernandez.

“Louis and his agency are the best,” said Kyvik. “They take care of people and they are very conscientious of everyone in the neighborhood. They always get involved and they sponsor great activities like this one.”

Hernandez agreed. “It’s just so much fun to have the ice cream truck here. We love giving the community free ice cream,” he added.

Kyvik’s daughter Samantha was also thrilled to be at the event. “Louis and everyone here at United Healthcare are wonderful,” she said. “They know how to take care of people and are really involved in the community. It’s just nice to be a part of that,” she added.

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