Op-ed: Common Sense- War Dogs

What do you think — should Conan receive a medal for the great work he did under the command of his Special Forces handler? I think they both deserve some official recognition, although I do not think a Purple Heart is appropriate. I would continue to reserve that medal for military personnel wounded in combat.  

In fact, it is time for the military to create a special medal strictly for war animals that play key roles, from taking down terrorists to sniffing out bombs, as well as many other tasks. The British since 1943 have awarded the PDSA Dickin Medal to honor the work of military animals.

There is an American award for valor exhibited by military animals. Created by the American Humane Society, it is given out in cooperation with the military. Four working military animals were presented with this award by leaders of the American military in 2018. But, these are actually Humane Society awards. This is the perfect time for the military to create their own.


I want to alert “Radio Free Bay Ridge” about a problem with its Twitter account. Every time I attempt to follow, it is undone within an hour or so. This has probably happened to me more than a dozen times in the past few days. I am not blocked, but I may as well be since the system keeps on knocking me off.

Please fix the problem with your account. So many of us in the community need to see what you all are putting out. After all, is that not what free speech “Radio Free Bay Ridge” is all about?


President Trump is one in a long line of New Yorkers who have exited our state. The left wants to create a whole story around what they consider his reasons. To me, and I think many New Yorkers, as well as New York-to-Florida transplants, it is simple and obvious.  

You do not need to be a billionaire to wish to save money in taxes. In fact, as we all know, every year, countless ordinary New Yorkers retire to Florida, which assesses no personal income tax and minimal property taxes for residents. In addition, other costs — from transportation to healthcare — are lower. You do pay a sales tax comparable to the one you pay in New York State.

In the case of billionaires, savings can be in the tens of millions. Regardless, many average New Yorkers find themselves saving, between property taxes and income taxes, tens of thousands per year.

I also think it is clear that the president has had enough, with the treatment he has been given by Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio.

As much as you need a thick skin, which the president does not possess, when you participate in politics, the governor crossed the line with his “good riddance” comment. Cuomo, who on a radio show last year made it clear that conservatives were not welcome in our state, has repeatedly shown that he cannot tolerate those who disagree with him. This is a very poor character trait for anyone holding public office.


I wish to thank the Kings County Conservative Party, its Chairperson Fran Vella-Marrone, and its officers David Ryan, Nanci Roden and Ross Brady, for honoring me with their James Gay Memorial Award.  I knew Jim well and could hardly be more pleased about receiving an award in his name.

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