Local lawmakers and civic group host Halloween festival in Owl’s Head Park

BAY RIDGE — At the recent NIA Community Services Spooktacular event, State Sen. Andrew Gounardes said he was anxiously anticipating the annual Owl’s Head Park Halloween Festival because he wanted to sample some of the dark chocolate trick or treat candy they’d be giving away.

Well, Gounardes, City Councilmember Justin Brannan and the NIA were sponsors of the fright fest that took place on a dark and rainy Halloween eve on Thursday, Oct 31.

“Owl’s Head Halloween was a great party with candy and costumes galore,” Gounardes told this paper. “I was glad we could throw a festival for Halloween-lovers of all ages to enjoy, filled with old traditions and new ones. There’s nothing quite like coming together as a community to celebrate the spirit of the season, and I look forward to next year!”

There were kids of all ages decked out in costumes that ranged from superheroes like Superman, Supergirl and Spider Man to scary clowns a la “It” to little girls dressed like Maleficent and a number of revelers channeling the Joker.

“The NIA is back in action,” said NIA Founder and President Mike Bove. It was, he noted, the group’s “first time down Bay Ridge helping the community establish a new frontier as has never been seen before — truth, justice and the American way following tradition. We’re going to have fun because it’s all about the children.”

Brannan was happy to partner with Gounardes for this year’s event. “Indeed, a great time was had by all, this All Hallows Eve. Andrew and I wanted to keep this tradition going, to do something fun for the young kids and families in the neighborhood — because that’s what Halloween is all about,” said Brannan

“The weather held up and we had a huge crowd. Everyone was having a great time and there were so many creative costumes! I ate too much candy and got a stomach ache but it was worth it. Next year, we’ll do it even bigger and better,” added Brannan.

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