Barstool One Bite Pizza review strikes back, reviews more Bay Ridge, Dyker Ridge spots

BAY RIDGE — Back for round two.

After tasting and reviewing Bay Ridge pizza haunts Elegante and Gino’s, Dave Portnoy, founder of Barstool, continued his foray into southern Brooklyn for his popular YouTube series, One Bite Pizza Review.

Thanks to recommendations from several Bay Ridgeites, this time Portnoy paid visits to Krispy Pizza, 7112 13th Ave.; Grandma’s Original Pizza,  6918 Third Ave. and Campania, 9824 Fourth Ave. 

Photos courtesy of Barstool Youtube

When he was at Gino’s, reviewing pizza earlier this month, a fan walked by Portnoy and suggested that he try Krispy Pizza, saying that it was superior to Gino’s. Later that day, Portnoy headed to the Dyker Heights spot.

“We’re in Bay Ridge and a guy yells to me, Krispy Pizza with a K,” he said in the video. “Don’t say that and expect me not to go.”

Portnoy had previously tried a slice at Krispy’s New Jersey location and didn’t love the finished product.

“We have done one of these before,” he said. “It wasn’t crispy enough. This is the original. Let’s see what we got. That looks like a sharp pie. It’s a real good-looking pie. Thin, too.”

After taking a bite of the slice, he stated, “This is better than the one we had in Jersey. How do I know that? Because I don’t remember that one. This, I like.The problem with expansion, sometimes the original still stands the test.”

However, he added, the slice wasn’t, “ridiculously crispy.

“For a place that’s called crispy, it’s good, but it’s not that type of crisp,” Portnoy said. “I really like it. 7.8,” he declared, making Krispy the highest scoring of the local spots, thus far. “Definitely better than the other one I remember. Very good pizza.”

Portnoy asked Krispy’s owner, whose brother owns the Jersey establishment, if most patrons call this the superior slice.

“Usually, yeah,” he said. “They bust my brother’s chops up there in Jersey, saying that Brooklyn is different. This is the original. Where it started.”

Portnoy’s next stop was Grandma’s Pizza.

Photos courtesy of Barstool Youtube

“I never want to judge a book by its cover, but if I was, I would have low expectations,” he said, after going inside to buy the pie. “Didn’t look busy. Doesn’t have a great pizza aroma. Looks good.

He then observed that the slice was, “Very doughy. Sometimes, I can jive with doughy. No flop.”

However, once he tasted the pizza, he changed his tune.

“Doughy. What a weird pizza. I can’t wrap my brain around this one. So doughy, but it’s cooked well on the bottom. I can’t get a read on this.”

One of the owners then appeared and Portnoy asked what made the sauce different.

“What’s up with the sauce?” he said. “It has a little tang to it.”

“It is different. It was our local sauce we make,” he responded. “Our customers like it, the last 15 years, and we keep it that way. That’s the difference.”

“This is good,” rejoined Portnoy. “It’s unique. It’s doughy. It’s cooked well. I give this a 7.2.”

He liked the grandma pizza even more.

“The sauce is unique and different than a traditional marinara sauce,” Portnoy said. “It’s a good grandma. 7.6.” 

Finally, he posted a review of Campania on Tuesday, Jan. 14.

Photos courtesy of Barstool Youtube

“Now, I usually love coal-fired,” Portnoy said. “The guy was super nice who owned it. I like it more cooked than this on the top. By the way, the place inside is an awesome restaurant. Very busy, good vibe, highly recommended date spot.”

Portnoy said he liked the lightness, but complained that the pie was “dripping steam,” calling that “a huge Brooklyn flop.”

He rated the pizza higher than a random member of the military, a fan who approached him, did.

While the man gave it a 7.1, Portnoy was a little more generous. “It could’ve used a little more time in the oven,” he said. “7.3. Very light.”

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