Confirmed! Two new coronavirus cases at Maimonides Medical Center

BOROUGH PARK — Following this past week’s first coronavirus case in southern Brooklyn of a healthcare worker at King David Nursing Home on Cropsey Avenue, two other cases have been reported at Maimonides Medical Center in Borough Park.

The hospital sent out a statement from COO Michael Antoniades confirming the cases. “At Maimonides, we isolated several patients who are being ruled out for the coronavirus, and learned that two have tested positive. Staff members who were exposed to these patients have been informed, and all appropriate steps – per the CDC and the Department of Health – are being followed,” explained Antoniades.

It is unknown what community the patients are from, or where they had been.

A woman, whose parent resides at the Heritage Rehabilitation & Health Center at 5606 15th Ave. received a call from the nursing home on Wednesday, March 11, informing her that she could not visit her parent at the facility until further notice, due to the confirmed coronavirus cases at Maimonides just a few blocks away.

As of Thursday, March 12, the coronavirus has killed 4,600 people worldwide, with more than 124,500 global cases reported.

The U.S. has reported over 1,200 confirmed cases of the virus, with 24 deaths total. There are currently almost 216 cases confirmed in New York State and 52 confirmed cases in New York City.

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