Several GoFundMe accounts set up to raise money for medical supplies in hospitals

BOROUGHWIDE — As the COVID-19 outbreak affects all of New York medical workers, many GoFundMe campaigns have been created to raise funds to provide health care employees with several medical supplies.

A Million Masks: Coronavirus Support Fund

Photo courtesy of A Million Masks

All donations will go directly into the purchase and delivery of N95 masks, surgical masks, and Personal Protective Equipment for frontline healthcare workers in NYC. Over $195,000 has been raised so far for the GoFundMe page. Campaign organizers made their first delivery of masks yesterday.

“We made our FIRST delivery of N95 medical masks to a frontline medical worker at a NYC hospital actively treating Coronavirus patients,” stated the page. “They were very, low on supply and (we are) so happy.

N95 for NYC Docs!

Courtesy of N95 for NYC Docs!

The GoFundMe page is also raising fundings for N95 and surgical masks, which are in short supply. So far, they’ve raised over $22,000. They have been able to order over 3000 N95 masks, 400 goggles, 1200 face shields, and several hundred surgical masks.

“We will be creating care packages for all of our residents and if we continue to raise money, we will start expanding to other residency programs as well,” said the organizers.

Protective Gear for NYC Healthcare Workers

Photo courtesy of Protective Gear for NYC Healthcare workers.

They have raised $71,549, well over their original goal of $50,000. It has now been extended to $100,000.

“We have set up a supply chain with access to respiratory masks and placed the first order ourselves to be donated and sent directly to Bellevue Hospital in NY,” organizers said

GoFundMe has a dedicated Trust & Safety team reviewing all campaigns related to COVID-19.

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