A glimmer of hope – Mike’s Donut Shop will remain open

BAY RIDGE — Deena Rosvoglou was worried on Friday, March 21 as she awaited word on whether her small business, Mike’s Donuts, at 6822 Fifth Ave. in Bay Ridge would be forced to close due to the coronavirus outbreak. With the governor’s shutdown of a variety of businesses including barbershops, hair salons, beauty parlors and other small businesses, Rosvoglou did not know what would happen to her shop.

“We’re waiting to see what the governor tells us about whether or not we are considered an essential business. It will determine if we’re going to be open tomorrow and hopefully we’ll still be here to serve you,” she told this paper on Friday. “Business has been okay. People are complaining that they can’t sit, but we’re trying to follow the rules and we want to keep everybody happy and safe”

Family owned business

The family owned Mike’s Donut Shop has been a staple in the neighborhood for over 30 years. They are known for having the freshest bagels and donuts and serving the best cup of coffee in town.

ebrooklyn media / Photo by Arthur De Gaeta Customers maintain a safe distance to pick up bagels and donuts at Mike’s.

Well, what a difference a day makes. On Saturday, Rosvoglu learned from the governor that her shop could remain open. She was delighted to hear the news.

Happy to serve customers

“Mike’s Donuts is going strong and we’re just happy to be here to serve our customers,” said Rosvoglu. “We are officially considered an essential small business so come on in and get your donuts.”

Rosvoglu went on to paraphrase the slogan of a popular donut chain, “Like our competition says, America runs on ‘them,’ but Bay Ridge runs on Mike’s Donut Shop,” she added.

And at least for the time being, customer’s can breathe a sigh of relief and still stop by and pick up a muffin or bagel at Mike’s.

ebrooklyn media / Photo by Arthur De Gaeta Mike’s Donut Shop can stay open as an essential small business in Bay Ridge.

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