Maimonides says it’s ‘safe, open and ready’

On Thursday, June 25, Borough President Eric Adams and Kenneth Gibbs, president and CEO of Maimonides Medical Center, held a conference to let patients know they can feel safe getting treatment despite the coronavirus.

According to the hospital, each of its facilities is refreshed and renovated, with screening areas, social distancing reminders and many other enhanced safety measures.

“We are open, we are safe and we are ready,” said Gibbs. “That is because we wear our masks, we screen everyone who comes in, including visitors, patients and employees. We’ve created safe pathways for everyone. We have cleaned. We have disinfected. We have refreshed.

“Right now, we are reaching out to the public and asking them to look out for their health care needs. There are many citizens within the borough that have deferred their care and we are very concerned that everyone pays attention to their health care and gets their needs met, whether that’s visiting a physician, participating in virtual care or coming into a hospital. The health care community and providers are ready to meet your needs.”

Photos courtesy of Borough President Eric Adams Facebook Page

Adams said the pandemic has caused fears about the safety of hospitals.

“Coronavirus only showed us a further crisis in those who are prolonging the necessary diagnosis, treatment and care that comes with a chronic illness,” he said. “You do yourself a disservice by not returning to your physicians or hospitals.

“We clearly understood over the last couple of months that there was a signal out there that it was difficult to come into a hospital space. No one has done a better job to ensure the public health of the individuals who come in for necessary care than Maimonides Hospital. They are leading the ways in so many ways. They are joining the entire Brooklyn hospital and health care system of understanding that we don’t want a boomerang effect.”

Photos courtesy of Borough President Eric Adams Facebook Page

The hospital has made adjustments during a difficult experience.

“From zero telemedicine visits to nearly 35,000 telemedicine visits, [they are] really adjusting and adapting in an immediate fashion to meet the pandemic needs and having the proper response in the process,” Adams said. “We can’t thank this hospital enough. When I walked through and spoke with the team and staff, I know Brooklyn is in great hands because we have  a great health care facility leading the way in this hospital and a great team. Do not delay your care out of fear of coronavirus. Our hospitals have taken precautions.”

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