Sunset Park woman survives being pushed in front of train

A Sunset Park woman miraculously survived after she was pushed onto the subway tracks in Manhattan last Thursday.

According to authorities, at 8:29 a.m., 40-year-old Liliana Sagbaicela was pushed off the platform at Union Square as a train entered the station. The train rolled over her but did not hit her. She was taken to Bellevue Hospital in serious but stable condition and has since returned home.

The suspect, 24-year-old Aditya Vemulapati, was immediately apprehended. He was charged with attempted murder, assault and reckless endangerment.

“A lot of people don’t live after that,” Sagbaicela told PIX 11. “I lived because I trust in God.”

Sagbaicela also said she doesn’t remember the attack.

“I know what happened to me because I saw it in the news,” she said.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help pay for Sagbaicela’s medical bills and living expenses while she recovers.

“This accident could have happened to any of us New Yorkers who take the subway,” said fundraiser organizer Esther Gayfield. “Please help raise awareness and support for this family who has been impacted by this senseless violence.”

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