DOB says site of deadly wall collapse lacked safeguards and permits

An investigation into the deadly wall collapse at a construction site in Sunset Park found that the site lacked adequate safeguards and that required permits had not been issued for the work.

The collapse took place Dec. 28 in the rear of a two-family residential building on 43rd Street between Fourth and Fifth Avenues, trapping two workers under the debris. One worker, Jasim Mia, was pronounced dead at the scene. The other sustained moderate injuries.

The New York City Department of Buildings said, “Our investigation determined that workers were excavating the area adjacent to a retaining wall in the backyard, between 454 42nd St. and 453 43rd St., without first implementing adequate shoring safeguards. As a result, the retaining wall collapsed into the backyard at 454 42nd St. and onto the two workers.”

The investigation also determined that the workers were hired by the owners of 453 43rd St. to perform masonry repair work on the retaining wall, and were granted access to the adjoining backyard of 454 42nd St. as part of the work.

“The excavation and repair work on the retaining wall did not have the required DOB work permits,” DOB said. “There were no DOB permits issued for any construction work at either of the two properties.”

DOB issued a partial vacate order for the backyards of 454 42nd St. and 453 43rd St. and a full stop work order at both properties. The investigation is ongoing.

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