Industry City hosts exhibition featuring Black female artists

Industry City will play host to a group exhibition of 12 Black female artists over the next month.

Titled “Last Supper,” the project is presented by LatchKey Gallery and curated by Tamecca Seril of Element9, a public innovation firm based in Industry City.

The exhibition explores the history of Black female artists finding solace in one another and organizing and materializing movements through radical thinking, innovation, and experimentation within and outside of the art establishment.

This exhibition, named after the Biblical reference, aims to fill the dearth of Black female voices in the contemporary arts scene.

“Last Supper posits the creative union of Black Women Artists births both protective spaces of shelter and manumission from institutional norms and constraints ultimately producing a formidable balm and an expansive vernacular of disruptive art,” said Seril.

Photos courtesy of courtesy of LatchKey Gallery

LatchKey Gallery’s mission is to foster meaningful community engagement and accessibility to art, while also expanding the platform of visual representation for participating artists.

The exhibition will be on view at Industry City (Building Five, Second Floor) each weekend until March 20 from noon to 6 p.m., and on weekdays by appointment only.

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