Szuszkiewicz returns for council race

Republican Mark Szuszkiewicz has joined the race to succeed Democrat Mark Treyger as the city councilmember for the 47th District, which includes Bensonhurst, Coney Island, Gravesend and Sea Gate.

Treyger, who is term-limited, has held the seat since 2014.

Szuszkiewicz, who lost in November to Democratic incumbent Mathylde Frontus in the race in the 46th Assembly District, made the announcement on Instagram March 14. He joins a contest that includes Democrats Ari Kagan, Alec Brook-Krasny, Joseph Packer and Steven Patzer.

“Some people were hoping that I would run for mayor, but I’d rather win a City Council seat and be in a position to make a difference than lose a mayoral race, as it will be extremely difficult for any of the #republicans to win now in #nyc,” Szuszkiewicz said. “I am unanimously endorsed by every country committee member of the #Brooklyn #republican and #conservative parties.”

Szuszkiewicz describes his ideas as mostly non-partisan and says many of them can be implemented throughout the country. In an announcement video, he discussed the city’s homeless crisis.

“How about you implement policies to better people’s lives so they don’t need to rely on the government for their food?” he said in the video. “I’m seeing homelessness continue to rise in Democratic-run cities all across the country, including New York City, where we have politicians that decide it’s a good idea to constantly pay for expensive hotels and not do anything about bettering those people’s lives. How about rehabilitation centers? How about mental health facilities?”

Szuszkiewicz faced controversy during his run for the Assembly. According to the New York Post, he has expressed support for QAnon in Instagram and Twitter posts.

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