Fontbonne junior earns Sportsmanship Award

Varsity coach Mike Sammon’s decision turned out to be a sound one when he selected junior Sharlotte Green as one of the team’s captains for this season. Paired with senior co-captain Stefanie Morris, the first-year varsity player kept the team upbeat during a tough season in a highly competitive division.

“She is a true team captain,” Sammon said. “The team feds off her energy. She’s the biggest cheerleader on the floor with an upbeat personality.”

Besides her “upbeat personality,” Green is a dependable court player at the forward position, where she is known for her corner baseline jump shot.

“Sharlotte is the definition of a leader,” Morris said. “As a fellow captain, I could always turn to her for help with organizing the team and its schedule. She never hesitated to help when I needed her. Sharlotte played a vital role on and off the court. She always broke the silence at practice and cheered everyone on.

“Her sportsmanship was greatly represented all three years that I’ve known her, including basketball and the work we’ve done together in class. Sharlotte will always represent a selfless, determined person and teammate.”

“I was kind of shocked when I found out about the award,” Green said. “I know I’m not the best player on the team, so I’ve always tried to have the most positive attitude toward the game. The most important thing to me about playing basketball is enjoying it. As a teammate and a captain, I want to make sure that every single person is enjoying it too.

“It makes me extremely happy to know that as a team we were able to have a positive attitude during a tough season. I’m honored to know that my positive attitude impacted my teammates and was recognized by other coaches and teams as well.”

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