Vikings don’t mind singin’ in the rain

Bad weather couldn’t dampen the spirits of those who attended Viking Fest in Owl’s Head Park Saturday.

Victoria Hofmo, president of the Scandinavian East Coast Museum, said the early part of the rain-shortened event went on as planned. 

Violinist Annemarie Wiesner. Photos courtesy of Ellen Lindstrom Facebook

“We were surprised with how many people showed up with the wet weather,” she said. “Kids of all ages climbed the ladder to view the inside of the Norseman Viking ship, back to us after several years.” 

A rainy day couldn’t stop these knights. Eagle Urban Media/Photos by Arthur De Gaeta

Visitors lunched on lapskaus, chocolate, fish balls, lefse, Norwegian waffles and Skolebrød. 

Accordionist Ellen Lindstrom and violinist Annemarie Wiesner performed, and fifth-graders Sebastian Schultz Domingo and Clayton Tam read their award-winning essays about the Norwegian resistance in World War II.

The Norseman Viking ship made a triumphant return. Photos courtesy of Ellen Lindstrom Facebook

Medieval and Renaissance re-creation group SCA Ostgardr showed displays about Viking life and led a march of reenactors, and Gladiators NYC demonstrated combat.

“I love being at Viking Fest,” said Susan Frances. “I don’t care that it’s raining. The reenactments were great. The jousting was fabulous. The music was great.”

And the rain was gone in time for Sunday’s 17th of May Parade.

Viking Fest visitors try to stay dry. Photos courtesy of Ellen Lindstrom Facebook

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