Popular Christmas lights shine in Dyker Heights

When it comes to the Christmas season, the display of elaborate lights on Dyker Heights homes transforms them into winter wonderlands.

In a tradition that started more than 30 years ago, thousands of people visit the neighborhood each year to look at nearly 100 homes that feature massive setups that feature elaborate lights, giant statues of Santa Claus, nutcrackers, snowmen, representations of the baby Jesus and more.

Photos by Paul R. Gordon

The displays span the territory between 11th and 13th avenues in the 80s. They begin in late November and remain up until early January.

Although one can look at the Dyker Heights lights for free if one goes there on foot, the ornate displays also attract several companies that bring tourists to the area, such as Slice of Brooklyn Bus Tours.

These houses in Dyker Heights are decorated with massive holiday lights. Photos by Paul R. Gordon

The Dyker Heights Christmas Lights consistently rank high on several media outlets’ lists of local attractions. The displays as a whole are listed in “The 25 Best Christmas Light Displays and Tours for 2023” by U.S. News and World Report.

“Previous visitors praised the area’s light displays, saying the homes are beautiful and it’s a must-do activity in New York City come Christmastime,” U.S. News said. “Some suggest arriving just after New Year’s to explore with fewer people around.”

Photos by Paul R. Gordon

The local company B&R Christmas Decorators has been an integral part of the neighborhood’s holiday display for many years. It has helped put up displays on more than 90 homes, according to FOX 5 News.

Photos by Paul R. Gordon

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