Arrests made during pro-Palestine rally

Police took 41 people into custody during the May 18 Nakba Day march in Bay Ridge.

The rally, which began on Fifth and Ovington avenues, included hundreds of protesters and was organized by Within Our Lifetime, a Palestinian-led group made up of youths, students and community members. 

Police officers line up during the protest.
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Cops made two live arrests and issued 15 desk appearance tickets and 24 summonses.

The various charges included second- and third-degree assault, resisting arrest, obstruction of government administration, disorderly conduct, harassment and reckless endangerment. 

On X, the NYPD responded to criticism of videos shared on social media that showed officers punching protesters, saying they won’t tolerate illegal and non-peaceful protests. 

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“NYC residents demand peace and reject unlawful behavior in any form,” the statement said. “We will not accept the narrative that persons arrested were victims, nor are we going to allow illegal behavior. Acts committed by 41 people of which 36 were not from the Bay Ridge community or the City of New York.”

They also said protesters lit incendiary devices in the street, spit on officers and threw objects at them, rode on the roof of an MTA bus and used sound reproduction devices without a permit. More than 60 calls were made to 911.

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Some onlookers saw protesters carrying flags of the foreign terrorist organization Hamas.

“This was not a peaceful protest by some,” the NYPD said.

Mayor Eric Adams told FOX 5 news that he backed the cops.

“We’re going to protect the right to protest, but you don’t have the right to destroy the city,” he said.

“I’m not pleased that people can have flags of Hamas and ISIS and terrorist groups,” he added.
“But those are constitutionally protected rights that you have to use those types of time and terminologies. We’re going to protect those rights.”

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The Daily News said the mayor’s administration will conduct a review of the NYPD’s response.

Councilman Justin Brannan was critical of how police handled the demonstration.

“I saw no evidence of actions by protestors today that warranted such an aggressive response from NYPD,” he wrote on X.

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Adams said he was surprised by the councilman’s comments.

“That community is a community made up of veterans, is a community made up of civil servants and professionals,” he said. “They don’t want their lives disrupted in the manner that we saw in the streets. You can protest, but look at the tapes and video of the actions that took place.”

Photos via Citizen App

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