School adds seven members to Hall of Fame

Seven Fort Hamilton H.S. alums were welcomed into the school’s Hall of Fame Sunday at a ceremony in El Caribe.

This year’s inductees were Dr. Deeb Salem, class of ’62; Bobby Daquara, class of ’82; Edwin Batiz, class of ’82; Stella Porto, class of ’86; John Christakos, class of ’86; Elliott Lamboy, class of ’88, and State Sen. Andrew Gounardes, class of ’03. 

Current students also received awards.

Fort Hamilton H.S. Hall of Fame inductees with Councilman Justin Brannan, center. Eagle Urban Media/Photos by Arthur De Gaeta

“The ceremony was inspiring, multigenerational and very sentimental,” said Alumni Association President Joseph Estrella. “Everyone expressed enormous pride in their alma mater and pledged to continue growing and elevating the alumni association and the work of its graduates.”

Joseph Estrella, Elliott Lamboy and Angelica Bracero. Eagle Urban Media/Photos by Arthur De Gaeta

“I believe all the inductees have traits that should inspire the current student body as they find their paths in life,” said former association president Valerie Hodgson. “And I continue to be proud to be associated with a school that has produced so many graduates who’ve gone on to make the world a better place.”

Katelyn Ho won the Female Student Athlete award. Eagle Urban Media/Photos by Arthur De Gaeta

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