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BROOKLYN MEDIA GROUP/Photo by Denise Romano
BROOKLYN MEDIA GROUP/Photo by Denise Romano
JoAnn Augello

Watch out, world!

JoAnn Augello, better known as The Real Housewife of BensonhurstYouTube series on the CaféMom channel, “JoAnn from Bensonhurst.”

Augello became a household name with her popular segment, “City Rants,” on Fox 5, where she “ranted” about things that bothered her, such as cheap umbrellas and Lindsay Lohan. With her genuine Brooklyn accent and colorful language, this sassy mother of two caught the attention of David Thompson, the executive producer of Yahoo.

“He just got in touch with me,” Augello recalled. “We started shooting it around December and started putting it on the CafeMom YouTube station. I talk about various topics: sex, marriage, neighborhood things, where I shop, food that I cook.”

Ten episodes have already aired and 10 more are scheduled to begin in June. In each episode, Augello gives advice and sounds off on a variety of issues from different rooms in her home – and yes, it really is her home!

One of the most popular topics Augello discusses is how to deal with neighbors. Viewers submitted questions, such as, “How do I deal with nosy neighbors?” and the ever-so-strange “What do I do when my neighbors hang fish on the line to dry?” referring to a popular Asian practice in Bensonhurst.

“I want to dry my socks and underwear, and they want to dry their baccalà!” Augello quips in the video.

She says she is happy that she is able to show the rest of the world what her little slice of Bensonhurst is like. “It feels great. It’s a shock to me, it just came out of nowhere,” Augello said. “It was supposed to be a one time thing with Fox and it just progressed and progressed.”

She has fans both near and far. “Wherever I go, someone recognizes me,” Augello said, “I went to a restaurant in Bay Ridge and there were about 20 people at this table. A guy gets up, comes over to me and says, ‘Every night you put me to sleep with a smile on my face.’ My husband says to me, ‘Who the hell is that?’ I just looked and him and said ‘Whaddya think? He means the show!’”

If anyone approaches her with questions, she just hands them her card – complete with leopard print background and a picture of the Brooklyn Bridge. “People think I can get them record deals too – what the hell do I look like?” Augello lamented. “They think just because one thing happens to you, that you have access to everything.”

She said most of the feedback from the web has been positive. “People from Australia, Germany and Italy speak to me on there. They love the accent and love to hear what I say,” she said.

But one commenter wasn’t so impressed. “One person said they want to skin my dog,” Augello said, referring to her tiny dog, often filmed around the house. “What does a dog have to do with anything? He doesn’t care what’s going on and they want to have him killed!”

Augello is enjoying her newfound fame and said to expect to be seeing even more of her. “It’s very nice; it’s a fun thing.”


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