Captain America celebrates 75th birthday with statue in Prospect Park

Avengers and comic book enthusiasts, assemble!

A Captain America statue will temporarily grace Prospect Park with its presence in honor of the first avenger’s 75th birthday on August 10.

The dedication ceremony for the statue, which is still in the works, will display a 13-foot-tall bronze statue with the movie quote “I’m just a kid from Brooklyn” inscribed into the structure.

“Captain America was always more than just a kid from Brooklyn,” said Borough President Eric Adams. “The epic story of this paragon of patriotism, told over decades of crime-fighting, has inspired millions of comic lovers across our nation.”

The fictional Marvel character is a Brooklyn native, according to his comic book biography. Captain America, also known as Steve Rogers, was a scrawny kid who grew up in Brooklyn Heights. During the Great Depression, he joined the army and was injected with “super soldier serum” to become America’s patriotic super-soldier.

“For 75 years, Captain America has inspired generations of fans as the ultimate global icon for freedom, strength, and doing the right thing,” said Paul Gitter, Senior Vice President at Disney Consumer Products. “Brooklyn was selected as the perfect place to bring this 13 foot tall tribute due to the strong hometown pride that Captain America expresses in Marvel’s films.”

Many fans are excited about the news and are looking forward to seeing the statue make its debut. Native Brooklynite Doha Madani, a big fan of the comic book series, believes the statue is a great representation of her hometown.

“Brooklyn has gone through so many ups and downs,” said Madani. “I think his fortitude is a Brooklyn quality. You can’t keep a good man down.”

The statue will make its first appearance at the San Diego Comic Con from July 20 through July 24 before heading to Prospect Park, where it will stay for a limited time before moving to other parts of Brooklyn.

Sketch courtesy of Marvel
Sketch courtesy of Marvel

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