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Boroughwide — Parents can now register their kids for the Gifted & Talented exam

Bay Ridge — Number of potholes citywide down 50 percent, Bay Ridge strip to see big repaving

Boroughwide — Brooklyn Nets discuss season goals, political climate during media day

Boroughwide — City launches new Notify NYC app

Boroughwide — Mayor pushes climate action agenda with plan for electric vehicle charging hubs

Boroughwide — Brooklyn pol cites issues with city’s latest plan to control mute swan population

Boroughwide — New Hamilton Avenue waste transfer station officially operational

Boroughwide — Common Sense: Orwellian ideas

Bay Ridge — Brooklyn prepares to commemorate 16th anniversary of 9/11 with boroughwide tributes

Boroughwide — Generally Speaking: Society to remember 11,500 fallen POW’s

Boroughwide — Health Department announces first human West Nile case of the season

Boroughwide — We the People: Return of the swamp monster