Mark Treyger

Bay Ridge — Pols renew request for bollards, guardrails for Coney Boardwalk, Gravesend Promenade

Gravesend — Pol calls on Parks to up pest control, curb rat infestation on Promenade, Greenway

Boroughwide — City Council unanimously passes Brooklyn pol’s anti-bullying bill

Bath Beach — Pols back community board’s request for Belt Parkway guardrails

Coney Island — Parks, NYPD to look into pols’ request for bollards at Coney Boardwalk

Boroughwide — Local elected moves to make sex with someone in custody illegal

Coney Island — Pols call for better protection of Coney Boardwalk in wake of recent terror attack

Bensonhurst — Man arrested for writing “Go home, Uzbeks” in apartment building in Bensonhurst area

Bath Beach — EXCLUSIVE: Sting operation by 62nd Precinct shuts 32 massage parlors in nabe

Bensonhurst — Bensonhurst Target opens its doors

Gravesend — PHOTOS: Our Lady of Grace welcomes students with Back to School BBQ

Coney Island — Parachute Jump lit gold for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month