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Bay Ridge — Omar controversy over anti-Semitism hits home for Rose

Dyker Heights — Brooklyn Friends of the NRA gather at Dyker K of C while protest proceeds outside

Boroughwide — BREAKING: Brooklyn Friends of the NRA to hold dinner at Dyker K of C tonight

Coney Island — Coney Island mainstay pulls out of planned NRA fundraiser amidst pushback

Coney Island — Coney mainstay Gargiulo’s blasted for upcoming NRA fundraiser to be held at eatery

— Local pol backs legislation to ban “bump stocks” in wake of continued mass shootings

— We the People: Balance is key

— Bay Ridge Dems discuss gun control

— Brian Kieran’s We the People: Fair and uniform gun regulation makes sense

— We the People: Week of January 10

— We the People: Week of September 27