We the People: Week of January 10

It’s past time to act

The Republican Party has taken America to the edge of financial crisis again and left the Capitol without voting on an aid bill for the thousands of victims of Superstorm Sandy.

These innocent citizens in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut were stabbed in the back by the Republican Party. Speaker John Boehner tabled the bill for the storm-ravaged states although the measure would have passed if he allowed Congress to vote on it.

New Jersey Governor Christie described his own party as the “one group to blame for the continued suffering of these innocent victims.” Shame on Boehner and his party for this cowardly act of betrayal.

New York City, the financial capital of the world, is left with a damaged infrastructure. Tourists who bring billions for the economy of the entire region can travel to Ohio while the Big Apple waits for its national government to do its duty.

The speaker “kicked the can down the road” while thousands shiver and work to rebuild and recover without proper assistance. New York’s Republican delegation often tells the public that they help constituents more because they are in the majority but their only help is apologies and excuses.

Representative Michael Grimm promised his constituents a vote on a $60 billion aid package before the session ended but his excuses will have to assuage flood victims. After a closed door meeting with Boehner, he stated, “Due to our relentless efforts, we now have the backing and support of our leadership to take a vote on the full $60 billion by January 15. I would have done anything to avoid this delay but we will have to move forward and do the best we can under the circumstances.”

These circumstances were created by the speaker and the Republicans. It will provide an epitaph for the businesses doomed by the slow response of Congress. I urge every citizen affected to call Mr. Boehner to thank him for the unnecessary delay and urge him to represent citizens instead of personal interests on January 15. The office telephone is 202-225-0600.

Citizens should express themselves at the ballot box and vote out these ineffective representatives. America’s elected officials must be responsible to the citizens and Boehner, a pusillanimous politician, failed to act responsibly.

The NRA approved Johnny B and gave him an “A” on their report card which is another reason to get this callous and unconscionable excuse for a public servant out of office. Voters should strongly consider the NRA report card every time they select a candidate.

Three brave NYPD officers were wounded when they answered the call of duty and apprehended two thugs using illegal weapons to endanger our citizens. One suspect was killed at the Fort Hamilton Parkway subway station and one suspect in the Bronx was wounded.

Remember that NRA report card and vote for the qualified candidate who gets an “F” from the NRA. Otherwise, the NRA will continue to pull the strings of its puppets in Congress and Albany, and our homes, schools and workplaces will never be safe from gun violence.

The Second Amendment speaks of “a well-regulated militia” and national security before it acknowledges “the right of the people to keep and bear arms.” The right to bear arms is inextricably connected to the establishment of a militia for national defense. The right was prescribed when arms were single-shot muzzle loaders appropriate for hunting and for war.

There are constitutional gun regulations in every state of the nation but we need sensible federal gun regulations without loopholes to assure our personal safety. All sensible interpretations of the Second Amendment allow the federal government to impose regulations on the right to bear arms.

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