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Victoria Hofmo

Bay Ridge — Hostfest brings a taste of Scandinavia to Bay Ridge

Bay Ridge — Salem Lutheran Church site sold for $4.65 million

Bay Ridge — Annual Viking Fest at Owl’s Head Park sees massive turnout

Bay Ridge — Annual Viking Fest to return to Bay Ridge this weekend

Bay Ridge — Bay Ridge Victorian mansion demolished despite preservationist outcry

Bay Ridge — Bay Ridge Conservancy sounds the alarm about Victorian house demolition threat

Bay Ridge — Danish Mardi Gras another great time in Bay Ridge

Bay Ridge — Bay Ridge embraces winter again

Bay Ridge — Ridge Kids Enjoy St. Lucia Day Festivities

Bay Ridge — Owl’s Head Park plays host to Viking Fest 2018

Bay Ridge — BREAKING: Remaining portion of Green Church site up for sale as development property

Bay Ridge — Bay Ridge Embraces Winter with festival of arts and performances