Annual Viking Fest at Owl’s Head Park sees massive turnout

It was a good day to be a viking.

The Scandinavian East Coast Museum (SECM) hosted its annual Viking Fest in Owl’s Head Park on Saturday, a day before the neighborhood’s storied Norwegian Day Parade.

This year’s celebration saw a significant spike in attendance, presumably due to last year’s poor weather.

From 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. attendees were treated to cultural music and dance, contests, a scavenger hunt, Scandinavian arts and crafts and more.

SECM President Victoria Hofmo was thrilled with the turnout.

“It was fantastic. We had such a nice day and a really good turnout all day long,” she said, lending thanks to the event’s reenactors who “really go out of their way to do interactive things. One of my friends was telling me that they were letting the kids try on helmets, and they had a great time.”

This year’s Viking Fest saw returning celebrants and new attendees alike.

“A family from Manhattan always comes,” Hofmo said. “They had Viking helmets on. These two girls have been coming for six years. We had someone who had lived in Norway and just moved to Carroll Gardens come for the first time. That was great to see”

A diverse collection of music was presented by Sean LeFleur, who served as the event’s DJ.

Hofmo also gave credit to all who helped make this year’s Viking Fest possible.

“What I really like about doing the event is that I’m working with people who are responsible and come in ethustisactlaly and do a nice job,” she said. “To me, it feels very homey in the best way.”

Of all of the offerings, Hofmo said, the return of the viking ship stole the show.

“We were thrilled to bring the viking ship back this year. We didn’t have it the last two years,” she said, acknowledging the high cost of putting together an event like Viking Fest. “If anyone wants to give a donation, they are welcome to because we took a hit for two years. I’m glad we got [the ship] back.”

Also of note, she said, was having the New York City Heathens and hosting the second annual beard contest. “That was really fun, too,” Hofmo said.

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