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A Pandora retailer is said to be opening soon on 86th Street.

It looks like 86th Street has cracked open Pandora’s Box.

The busy Bay Ridge shopping strip will be welcoming the worldwide jewelry store of the same name to 407 86th Street, the storefront that was at one time home to the recently shuttered Central Sports, according to John Gallucci, president of the 86th Street Business Improvement District (BID).

Gallucci told this paper that, while he is unsure whether or not it will be a company store per se, the new business will, in fact, sell Pandora jewelry exclusively.

“I’m excited for anything that brings traffic to the street,” said Gallucci. “These corporate stores like Banana Republic, Bath & Body Works and Victoria’s Secret, they bring people to the neighborhood. And when you bring people to the neighborhood, you bring traffic to the street, and that’s great.”

Pandora – famous for its silver, gold & diamond collections – is an international Danish jewelry manufacturer and retailer founded in 1982 by Per Enevoldsen that started as a family-run jewelry shop in Copenhagen.

While it is unclear just when the new Pandora shop will open, Gallucci assured this paper that, “It’s definitely going to be here before the holidays.”


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